Computer Game Addiction

Sociological Effect of Physiological and Psychological Diseases Caused of Computer Game Addiction

Mr. W.H.S.D Wickramasinghe

Department of Mass Media, University of Colombo (Sri Palee Campus), Sri Lanka., (+94)71 - 6515212

In the contemporary society there can be seen a tendency to computer games without regarding the age discrimination. According to the busy social pattern of the human, they attempt in computer games as it can played at any time as needed; at night time, transportation, short rest as benefits of privacy, safety, less physical energy expenditure, lack of age differences, and also able to play very seat seated in office or educational center are specified causes of this trend. Though this new social trend can be identified good and bad side effects, the computer games addiction is rapidly becoming a new social issue in the vulnerability of various psychological and physiological diseases. In this research, to prove above matters the questioner used to gather qualitative data and the quantitative data gathered trough the previous research papers and articles as well as five patients were identified based on physical and mental diseases that who addicted to the computer games. The facts as found mentally exhausted, stress, indolence, poor personal hygiene, computer vision syndrome, repetitive strain injury, headache, musculoskeletal problems and carpal tunnel syndrome are the conditions common among in Sri Lanka through these sides effect. As this research the objective is emphasized the side effects are adverse conditions directly affects in social phenomena by the computer games in modern society.

Key Words : Modern social pattern, New trend of pleaser, Computer game addiction, Health Issues of Computer Games, Social effect of computer game addiction.